Berikut contoh 3 soal Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA:

Berikut contoh 3 soal  Bahasa Inggris Kelas XII SMA:
Ari : M y t e a c her gave me an assignment to write a book review. Can you tell me what book I should review?
Adi : Well,………you’d better review The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.
a. sorry to say that
b. I’d like to suggest that
c. if I were you
d. I have no objection
e. Thanks
Nadia : Hey, Adi. Do you have any plans for tomorrow.
Adi : No. ……… Why?
a. I’m planning on mountain climbing.
b. Nothing’s come up yet.
c. I’m thinking of going to Mount Salak
d. Maybe you can go camping
e. I am going to fishing
Ari : Hi, Ari Do you know about the weather for tomorrow?
Adi : …………it’s going to be hot and sunny.
a. I predict
b. The plan is
c. I’m planning
d. What I’m saying is
e. I am watching is